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Albright Performers Dance Footscray Yarraville Seddon Williamstown Altona Western Suburbs Melbourne #albrightperformers #dance #danceschool #learntodance #lovetodance #acrobatics #dancschoolfounder

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Albright Performers Dance - Evelyn Albright
Albright Performers Dance Footscray, Yarraville, Seddon, Williamstown, Altona, Western Suburbs Melbourne, Hobsons Bay, Maribyrnong #albrightperformers #dance #danceschool #learntodance #lovetodance

Celebrating 80 years of dance!

Albright Performers was founded by the late Evelyn Albright, one of the early ‘Tivoli Gals'.  Opening the Footscray dance school in 1040, she retired in 1968, leaving the school to her daughter, Carol Fairy, a highly respected teacher and Comdance    examiner, known for her commitment to technique and soft,    supportive teaching style. Principle of the school for 41yrs, she sadly passed away in 2010.

 Carol's wish was for the school to continue in her honour, maintaining the name Albright Performers, and to continue to teach to the standard and reputation she and her mother before her had established.  Carol wanted the school to continue  with a Comdance qualified teacher    with the ability and skill to prepare students for examination work.
Continuing the school in Carol’s memory, Leanne Wenig, a student, teacher and friend of Carols for nearly 40 years administered the school until Tamara Finch took on the directorship in 2012.   Having been examined on many occasions by Carol,  Tamara often taught for Carol as a guest teacher and returned to the school in 2011 as a permanent teacher.
As further evidence of the strength and tradition of the school, Suzanne & Caroline McCombe, who were Tamara’s original teachers, had grown up and danced with Carol, all under the tutorship of Evelyn. It is this basis of strong training and discipline, coupled with a love of the history and traditions of the school that Tamara continues to build on, taking Albright Performers through the next phase of the school's development.





The Albright Performers scholarships are awarded in memory of our founding teachers Evelyn Albright and her daughter Carol Fairy.  

Continuing in their honour, two scholarships, representing a 12 month 50% discount in tuition fees are awarded to a junior and a senior student who have received the highest Comdance    Examination results at Albright Performers for the year.  Also taken into consideration is the student’s commitment to dance and general demeanour   in class. 


December 2014.  

Actual date TBC

Matinee performance

Evening performance 7.00






2019 Elyse Wenig

2018 Emily Mulhernan

2017 Georgia Fullerton

2016 Maggie Stevens

2015 Rebecca Wenig

2014 Veronica Chan

2013 Melanie Sharp

2012 Madison Rex

December 2014.  

Actual date TBC

Matinee performance

Evening performance 7.00





2019 Imogen Baber

2018 Catherine Turnbull

2017 Victoria Guttenbeil

2016 Ava Leach

2015 Rebecca Lopes

2014 Georgia Lobb

2013 Jorjah-Rose Sharp

December 2014.  

Actual date TBC

Matinee performance

Evening performance 7.00


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