A modern dance style using the body’s natural lines and energy.  Requiring a strong technique, it is an expressive style that combines elements of both classical ballet and modern dance. Movements are more abstract and fluid, permitting a greater range of movement and interpretation than conventional dance techniques.



Music of the feet’.    With the use of metal plates on tap shoes, tap dancers use their feet like drums to create percussive sounds and rhythmic patterns. Tap is a lively and vigorous form of dance that teaches rhythm and musical timing. With many physical benefits, tap builds stamina and co-ordination while cognitive abilities are also enhanced as tap dancers must develop both mental and muscle memory to become proficient at tapping.


Our Musical Theatre classes include acting, singing and dance.  Classes are designed to develop confidence and gain an understanding of theatre skills and stagecraft.  Teaching students about the voice and how it works and participating in a range of acting activities where they learn to develop characters, express different emotions and perform scripted pieces.


One of the most graceful forms of self-expression, classical ballet is the most formal of the ballet styles as it adheres to traditional ballet technique.  As the foundation for all dance styles, classical ballet develops a strong, disciplined technique and awareness of the body, as well as teaching grace, elegance and line, all essential qualities for every dancer.


Albright Performers
dance school in Footscray Maribyrnong melbourne
Albright Performers
dance school in Footscray Maribyrnong melbourne


Danced to contemporary, pop music and straying from traditional ballet, the basics of jazz still requires the discipline and understanding of classical technique. Vibrant and energetic, jazz dance combines physical exercise and performance skills, teaching students body isolation and contraction, and increasing strength, flexibility and stamina required for Jazz’s strong fast movements. 



A popular street style incorporating the latest dance moves performed to Hip Hop and R’n’B music. It is unique in that it allows students to perform with freedom of movement, adding in their own personalities. It is not as strict in terms of discipline when compared to other dance styles.



Today's dancers require acrobatics as part of their performing skills repertoire.  'Acro' is a mix between gymnastics and dance incorporating flips, jumps and balancing tricks.  Its high-energy relies on cor strength, agility and coordination, and is a great tool to improve your flexibility.

Our classes are properly structured with appropriate crash mat equipment.  Students learn the basic gymnastic exercises, how to tumble and roll correctly, cartwheels, bridges and jumps before moving onto more complicated aerials, flips and tricks. 




As grades progress, students build strength and flexibility, developing technical skills and stamina while enhancing self-expression, confidence and building on performance skills. Examinations are offered and may be taken in Jazz, Tap, Classical Ballet, Contemporary and Theatrical Dance. As performance skills are developed, older students may participate in competitions throughout the year.