We offer tuition in jazz, contemporary, hip hop, classical, national, tap, acrobatics and musical theatre, for all ages from Tiny to Senior.


Offering general classes, examinations, competitions, a mid-year presentation and musical theatre production, and an end of year showcase, our year is full of exciting opportunities for our students to entertain and gain valuable training.


Why do we dance? To entertain!






Since the 1940s, students at Albright Performers have been motivated and inspired by the world of dance.


Albright Performers provides quality tuition in a nurturing environment to encourage confidence and motivate personal achievement. This helps our students understand that dance is a discipline as well as an art form.


We love to dance

and want you to love it too!



Gain registered qualifications through COMDANCE


We are proud at Albright Performer to offer our students the opportunity to undertake examinations through the internationally accredited COMDANCE Syllabus. To refine and strengthen dance technique, exams are an excellent way to encourage children to work towards developing & improving their skills and to educate them in all areas of dance.  Gaining technical development, music appreciation and expression, confidence is instilled into students as their technique develops and performance skills are encouraged. Designed to encourage, motivate and reward students, graded Examinations in Jazz, Classical Ballet, Contemporary, Tap, Hip Hop & Performing Arts are offered to students of all ages, eventuating to qualified Teaching Diplomas

Comdance is one of the great International Dance Societies proudly serving Dance for over 80 years.  Providing assessments in all major dance disciplines throughout Australia & the Asian Pacific region.


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As an added option, older students may also participate in competitions throughout the year.


Competition    offers students the opportunity to showcase their skills in a professional stage environment. Judging takes place by respected experts, who give constructive feedback and recognition for the performers work.   Performing as a team and building sportsmanship, Troupes are a great way to bring our students together. Solo competitions are also available to all students by way of private lessons.  

End  of year Production

As Performance is a significant aspect of dance training, students are encouraged to partake in our end of year production where they can display their work and entertain an audience.  Performing in a theatre offers the opportunity to gain stage experience, boost confidence and develops performance skills.



Sat 11 December 

Matinee &   Evening   performances

Altona City Theatre

2021 Term

Term 1 : Tue 2 Feb - Th 1Apr    

Term 2 : Tue 20 Apr - Sat 26 June 

Term 3 : Tue 13 Jul - Sat 27 Sept  

Term 4 : Tue 5 Oct - Mid Dec 


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